adidas nite jogger

an interactive project for adidas, working alongside Model Dog.

took responsibility of the LED installation and programming the interactivity. watch the scene come to life when the new NITE JOGGER shoe is lifted from the podium.


a tangible performance platform for electronic music.

each device is wireless and uses its orientation to manipulate parameters. each pad can trigger sounds or events.


a physical product experience.

shh, some are uneasy about discussing their worries and secrets, to help this we created vent. tell your secrets and turn the knob to manipulate the sound.


a screen-based experience assuming future technologies. decide what you want to do, flick the virtual coin into the fountain and watch as infowish gathers you and your friends preferences and offers potential plans for your group.


a social network for printmakers. Using responsive web design, we have created a social network which allows studio users and wannabe printmakers communicate about what matters.


video production for the team at FOLDiBOOK

an interactive book with simple intuitive technology, to help young children learn new skills and establish interest in the 3D world.


Simpler is a mobile experience that tackles problems with modern digital banking. it offers a solution to authorise transactions in accounts that require additional signatories.