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I’ve been speaking remotely to one of my testing participants (who will also be performing for my video). We were discussing the current interactions with page changes and the separate orientation from each deviceĀ for each page.

The current software allows 4 pages of 8 assignable controls using the orientation values. This means there is the potential for 32 assignable parameters on synthesisers or music software for examples. This is an incredible amount and in my opinion, overkill. This was apparent when I performed a short demonstration to a group of interested creative students and staff from the university. I built the software from scratch and know all of its functionality inside out, yet I had forgotten I had to change back to the drum page to change a parameter on one of the drum sounds. There was a moment when I was engrossed in the performance that my natural behaviour and assumption was to turn the dial to change said parameter.

When bringing this up with Oliver, he was unsure of what he’d prefer and I don’t think he’ll know until he uses the devices for his own performance.

With this uncertainty, I believe it’ss only fair to offer the user the option. Some may need the 32 assignable parameters, whilst some may prefer the constraint of only using 8. Tonight I am updating the software to allow both to offer that freedom to the user. This also means I can test both will Oliver on Wednesday.

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