Software : Drum roll please…

I’ve not written much about the software I’m creating. Initially, it was a side project to compliment the hardware of this project. It began as a simple parser and router for the data. The hardware was intended to be the main product for presenting for my examinations. Either way, here’s an issue that appeared today when doing some testing.

When hitting one of the pads on the devices, I was getting a constant re-trigger until I let go of the pad. To put this in context, I had a rolling kick drum that would repeat itself, even with a tiny and fast hit.

I analysed the code of the hardware to check for and mistakes I had made and I realised what the issue was. The code is set up that if either sensor or pad changes it value or state, then to send a packet.

These packets are all the same, it contains a device identifier, the sensor value, and the button value.

So if the button is pressed but the sensor value is constantly changing, the software will continuously receive a value of one for the button meaning ‘hit’, ‘on’ or ‘play that sound!’.

Thankfully, there is a simple fix for that within MAX. The [change] object will not allow an integer through unless it is different from the last one received. Hooray!

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 00.32.57

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