I was to create a promotional video, to promote the first FOLDiBOOK product. The video was to give a brief overview of the experience.


I sat down with Lewis of FOLDiBOOK to go over what we wanted from the video. We wanted to show the experience of using FOLDiBOOK, first hand, from the perspective of those its intended for. Kids! Lewis arranged a day where his young nephews could help us out.


We created a storyboard and shot list so we knew what footage we had to shoot. This showed appropriate solutions to answer our brief.

Storyboarding is a great, low-res tool for visualising solutions, journeys and experiences. It also gives an overview of timescales.


Lewis created an excellent overhead tripod, whilst nothing like we had envisioned, it was a fantastic solution in its own right. This was necessary for many of the overhead shots, of which covers the bulk of the footage. I shot various other ‘b-roll’ shots, to keep the shots dynamic and interesting.


FOLDiBOOK from FOLDiBOOK on Vimeo.